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Hey yall! In this fine spring season I am brewing up some great things.

I have known about Kombucha for a while now. Kombucha is a drink that is made by allowing a “kombucha mother”/ “SCOBY”(symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast)  to reproduce in a mixture of tea, sugar and pre-existing Kombucha. The SCOBY is a gross looking thing. It is is exactly what it says it is, bacteria and yeast. It looks like a fleshy disc shaped mushroom. So as the SCOBY consumes the sugar it ferments the tea, lowering the pH. This drink is very good for you. It contains antioxidants and probiotics. The taste of the Kombucha is one that you must get used to. It is fairly acidic, think vinegar. I am going to teach myself to love it! It has boosted me many times when I was feeling sick or even tired. And I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now…I’m brewing some right now. I started it on the 14th of May and it will be ready around the 20th. So far it is looking how it’s supposed to. The SCOBY is indeed consuming the sugars and is starting to reproduce. So if I’m successful I will have a Kombucha mother to share in a few days if anyone’s interested!  I’ll let you know how it goes. I will simply need to check the pH and determine if it is around 3, then bottle, separate the SCOBY’S and enjoy! Then I can keep making batch after batch!



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well friends, i just wanted to post to let you know that i’m terrible at writing on my blog and that i am in fact still alive…

that being said here’s some news: i just bought a different bike! it is faster and lighter. and shorter! it is a beautiful blue color and i am ready to see how fast i can bike to work with it. 

i am applying for a year long internship at the morris arboretum. i have 2 recommendation letters being written, my transcript is on its way and i have a rough draft of a cover letter and updated resume. i feel under qualified at times but then reality reminds me that i am a confident, intelligent, personable woman.

i have knitted a neck warmer, a headband/ear warmer and i’m looking into some patterns for a hat

i have been attempting to bake bread. i have a sourdough starter that i’ve been using. i still need more practice.

i am learning to live in the mystery of god. who shall define, label, name but god herself…

little daisies

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A wild daisy emerges from the Earth, peeks at the sun through much trash and contorts itself around broken glass and concrete. In its becoming, the daisy stands with confidence and is simply what it’s meant to be. Like this small daisy there are children in my neighborhood doing their best to emerge, to seek goodness and to grow successfully. My house mates and I are doing what we can to love the children in our neighborhood and build relationships with their parents. In mid-June 2009, we started a Kids Club. We meet on Monday’s from 6-8pm. We have singing, a Bible teaching, crafts, games and a snack. There are about 7-14 children on average that attend.

On the 4th of July we took 40 neighborhood children to the zoo; ranging from the ages of 4-17. It was chaotically fun. The trip was a wonderful opportunity for the kids to leave the block and do something fun and educational. This trip was funded by a young adults group from a church in Central Pennsylvania that was visiting Philadelphia for a short-term service trip. However we exceeded the limit of for the number of children that could be payed for. It was a huge blessing to split the cost of the zoo trip with them! There is no way the three of us can fund everything we want to do with these amazing children.

This being said I would like to extend the invitation for you to be a part of kids club! Currently we are planning a pizza party for the beginning of Sept. for children who have read 5 books during July and August. Other activities being planned are a trip to a museum, girls night sleep over, and much more. If you would like to sponsor a child for any other these events that would be delightful. I would love to personally talk with you about one of the children from my block that you may sponsor! 

You can reach me at : 707 E. Thayer St., Philadelphia, PA 19134


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morning prayer with neighbors and friends

watered the garden

breakfast with past housemate

food bank shopping

sharing my lunch with Alloy and James on the stoop

pulling weeds with Alloy and James

entertaining 5 more boys in the garden…

taking shovels and rakes and hoes to an abandoned, half block lot and planting flowers in a small corner

carrying water with children to moisten the seeds!

putting together 65 food bags with Gina-ta and Mahogany, and Alloy and Derrick and Mike and Dominic…the knocking never stops



giving cookies to high school guys as they greet me on my street


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local greasy spoon diner on the corner, $3.99 special. my neighbor rick helping me grease up my squeaky, rusty spare antique bike! conversations with bob-o and train tokesns. being escorted up my street by three young boys yelling my name and showing me coloring books. lending out basketballs. having five visitors in the garden while harvesting spinach for my dinner. giving out marigold seeds. children in my house. high school boys playing cards; hot chocolate, frutabu’s and brownies.


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everyday of my loving here, there a story. though it has simply become a normal way of life, i realize that i am living something beautifully divine. i would like to remember at least a few of these stories. so i believe that i may start expressing some of them…


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The messages transmitted to my neurons jump through the synaptic gap like a passing train, as the warm sunshine tingles my skin which then reaches to my soul. I let out a genlte sigh of solidarity, for I am one with the sun. The fullness of feeling invites me to leap and run and spin and frolic. I am free; the depths of me are flying like a kite in the warm breezes of spring.