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Posted: January 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

well friends, i just wanted to post to let you know that i’m terrible at writing on my blog and that i am in fact still alive…

that being said here’s some news: i just bought a different bike! it is faster and lighter. and shorter! it is a beautiful blue color and i am ready to see how fast i can bike to work with it. 

i am applying for a year long internship at the morris arboretum. i have 2 recommendation letters being written, my transcript is on its way and i have a rough draft of a cover letter and updated resume. i feel under qualified at times but then reality reminds me that i am a confident, intelligent, personable woman.

i have knitted a neck warmer, a headband/ear warmer and i’m looking into some patterns for a hat

i have been attempting to bake bread. i have a sourdough starter that i’ve been using. i still need more practice.

i am learning to live in the mystery of god. who shall define, label, name but god herself…