Carrots and Peanut Butter

Life is all about:


smiling people


Margaritas w/chips and salsa


shaved heads

ice cream with caramel and nuts

homemade everything

thunderstorms and lightning

love that comes with or without understanding

polka dots and stripes

50 cent shirts and hot blue capris

eating the food you grew

funky pajama pants

painted fingernails and hairy legs

mossy lakes


tan lines and freckles

big sunglasses and headbands

dark chocolate

not labeling anyone for anything

getting behind a Ford F350 truck

feeding the chickens

catching raindrops on your lips

having frizztastic hair

Pooky’s baking! yum…

Thrift store shopping

doing laps in a mucky lake

changing someones day with a smile

memorizing Philippians

the connection we have with others b/c of Christ

being in middle school again

old couples in the park

my mom getting a tattoo

listening to Mars Hill in Panera

sweats and a T-shirt

grilled onions

drum circles and hippy dancing

naming your fish Oscar, Meyer, and Wiener

picking  blueberries

small town life

blended ice coffee

The Outback Steakhouse…

Cute Elves and Accordions

Sweet surrender

Quiet boldness and courage from a beautiful girl

Tattoo parlors

Thrift store-in’ with a thrifty friend!

Cooking for people

Rain coats

Old man pajamas

Making Christmas gifts

Accessorizing with a tree you pruned

Seeing beyond

sunlight shining in my room


Smiles from a drooling girl in a wheelchair

Unexplainable connection

Googly-eyed animals


Discovering undiscovered brokenness

Having partnerships in the gospel

Being pushed up as I consistiently fall backwards

The power of others belief